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ITCE is one of the world’s busiest public library systems, with over 10 million books, movies and other items.


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We are Info Touch Computer Education

Info Touch Computer Education established in 2010 . We provide high quality computer education at a very high standard at a very low cost. Our mission is to create a pool of high quality computer professionals who will meet the demanding needs of multinational organizations for tomorrow’s challenges.

Info Touch Computer Education is One of the fastest growing education groups in karnal who have not compromised on the quality of intake and the faculty recruitment. We ensure that the students are well equipped with the necessary technical skills to meet global standards. We have developed system and environment with the view to motivate the students to pursue their studies in a conducive manner. Info Touch Computer Education guides and promote positive thinking, self confidence and leadership amongst the students of the Institute. We provide sample opportunities to the Faculty, staff and students of the Institute for their professional development.

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What Our Students Says


“Hi friends, my name is Nitin. I joined ITCE in 9th class. In 10th class, I got 100% scholarship in ANTHE for both 11th & 12th class. The faculty at ITCE were very supportive. Almost all my doubts were cleared at daily classroom”



“Experience was so good and the most good thing is all faculties are so supportive and helpful to us . Fast problem solution and innovative teaching is plus point .”



“One of the best institute of ITCE  English speaking course and staff too much cooperative.”


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